New York Pictures
Remember Rally

Here are a few pictures from the New York trip in November 2003 . . .

I had the privilege of experiencing a very special trip to New York November 15-18th, 2003.  I wanted to meet people in person that I had talked to and emailed over the last few months in conjunction with our fundraising efforts for sick workers from Ground Zero.  I knew it in my heart before I went to New York but this trip has solidified the fact that if we weren't involved in the 9-11 tragedy, we really don't understand what people have gone through.  The devastation from all of the deaths, the massive destruction of the World Trade Centers, and now the short & long-term health problems for those who worked at Ground Zero is truly undescribable.

First, I want to thank Mark and Debbie for opening their home to me and for taking me several places in New York.  Mark worked for months at Ground Zero and now has health problems himself.  He is passionate in his words and deeds that people do not forget Sept. 11th.  He has helped raise thousands of dollars through motorcycle runs.  Mark took me to Ground Zero on Sunday where we got special access to the observation area at the top of Ground Zero.  I was able to get photos of Ground Zero and allowed to see memorial items placed there.  It was a difficult thing to see.  I also got to go to Tenhouse, the fire station by Ground Zero that lost 5 members. The station was severely damaged and just reopened days before I arrived in New York.  On Monday I met with people at Mount Sinai (where we donated money from our motorcycle benefit), Rep. Carolyn Maloney's office, and with a photojournalist who was seriously injured on 9-11.

We will continue to work towards raising money for Mount Sinai's Health for Heroes Program and for natural healthcare products for the rescue workers and volunteers who selflessly spent many hours at Ground Zero.  Your donations are always welcome.

Diane Sherwood

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